Stuart Silk Architects: Contemporary Architecture for Seattle and Beyond

In our contemporary projects in Seattle and around the world, we are drawn to a vision of contemporary architecture that delights and surprises, is warm in its use of materials, proportionately scaled to the human body, logically organized, and intellectually satisfying in its resolution. While responsive to the specific characteristics of each site and its context our homes are not limited to "northwest contemporary," rather they find their voice within the larger dialogue of the international modern design movement. Stuart Silk Architects has proven experience as a contemporary architect for residential projects. We'd love to discuss your project with you.

Washington Park Hillside Canyon Residence
Bridge House Mercer Island Residence
Lake House Residence Lakeshore
Selah Residence West Capitol Hill Residence
Leschi Residence Kirkland Waterfront Residence
Santa Lucia Residence Second Ave Residence
Artichoke House Bending Paths
Tree House Yu House
Dissolving Walls Pavilions
Shadows and Light