Trevor Smith

Staff Designer
Trevor Smith
Between tradition and modernity there is a bridge. When they are mutually isolated, tradition stagnates and modernity vaporizes; when in conjunction, modernity breathes life into tradition, while the latter replies with depth and gravity.
~ Octavio Paz

With seven years of high-end residential and commercial design experience, Trevor has an acute eye for detail and a deep understanding of the intricacies of contemporary architecture.  He is always eager to figure out exactly how a building will be assembled and to brainstorm alternative construction methods.

Trevor was born and raised in a small rural town in Maine, and knew from a very young age that a career in architecture was on the horizon.  After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree from the University of Maine system, he decided to follow the “Go west, young man” advice of generations past and moved to Colorado to acquire a Master of Architecture degree from UC Denver.  He has since lived in several cities in the Northeast, working on various architecture projects in Maine, Massachusetts and New York before relocating to Seattle in early 2017.

Outside of the Stuart Silk office, Trevor is constantly involved with photography, illustration, graphic design, screen printing, and composing and recording music with his band Ghost Atlantic.