About This Project

About Shore Point Residence

This home is located on Lake Washington with sweeping views of the Mt Rainier and the Seattle skyline. Our clients came to us with a clear and unwavering dream: to build a home that captured their cherished childhood memories of summers growing up in seaside communities in Maryland and Connecticut. Their associations with those relaxing summers is intertwined with the architecture found in those communities and the rambling shingled homes that inhabit them. Their love and appreciation for this beloved uniquely American architectural form was coined simply “American Shingle Style” by Vincent Scully in his important book which bears the same name. Deep is our experience with this form. Stuart grew up on the Connecticut shore and experienced firsthand these remarkable homes and has studied them his entire adult life. SSA was honored and delighted to be approached and accepted the commission immediately.

Project Team

Landscape Architecture: Sander Groves

Construction: Toth Construction

Photography: John Granen, Michael Walmsley

Residential, Traditional